Beerlinale. Craft Brewery & Restaurant Barcelona. Beerlinale.
New brewery concept, where the best craft beers on the market pair perfectly with excellent Mediterranean cuisine. In the heart of Barcelona.
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“to beer happy”

by beer’linale

Brewery & Restaurant
At Beer'linale we have achieved a balance between two of the cornerstones of our cuisine: the Mediterranean diet and beer. Our chef prepares dishes that reflect the simplicity and flavours of our cuisine. Thoughtfully presented, they are perfect for sharing with the whole table, the best way to try different options Our beer sommelier carefully selects the best craft beers, the majority European, to create an updated and balanced list of the finest beers, with most styles available among our 30 drinks on tap.

Our extensive menu features over 180 of the world’s finest craft beers in the bottle. Do you have a favourite?