Beerlinale. Craft Brewery & Restaurant Barcelona. Carta.
New brewery concept, where the best craft beers on the market pair perfectly with excellent Mediterranean cuisine. In the heart of Barcelona.
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Starters and to share

Coca flatbread with vine tomato, olive oil and Maldon sea salt

Jijona almonds with apple jelly

Padrón peppers sprinkled with Maldon sea salt

Extra-large hot and spicy olives

Varied olives

Beer'linale style potato wedges in a spicy sauce

Bellota Iberian ham

Meat sausage and cheese platter

Iberian ham croquettes (5 croquettes)

Homemade porcini mushroom croquettes (5 croquettes)

"Txangurro" croquettes (5 uds.)

Varied croquettes (6 uds.)

Fried bacon rashers "Torreznos"

Beef "empanadas" with avocado (4 uds.)

Spanish potato omelette with Majorcan sobrassada sausage

Spanish potato omelette with Figueres onion

Cod omelette

Smoked sardines in Arbequina olive oil

Anchovy fillets in extra virgin olive oil and sliced raf tomato

Andalusian-style baby calamari with wasabi mayonnaise

Homemade cod fritters with garlic and parsley confit

Anchovies marinated in oak-cask vinegar with garlic and parsley

Hard cheese in oil

Steamed cockles white wine

Frying of fish with prawns

Homemade Olivier salad

Sautéed seasonal mushrooms with baby garlic and chili

Artichoke hearts with a mild mayonnaise sauce

Artichoke chips with a romesco sauce (in season)

Vegetable chips with a Beer'linale sauce

Grilled chicken wings with a chimichurri sauce

Chicken and shitake mushroom quesadillas

Nachos with Jalapeño peppers and cheddar cheese (spicy)

Stewed tripe

Stuffed “Pepperoni”

Sweet pickles

Chicken fingers with crispy corn

Earthenware cooked stews

Small chorizo sausages in a beer sauce

Onion black pudding

Tenderloin cubes with foie gras

Meatballs with beach cuttlefish



Feta cheese, raf tomato and pepper salad

Raf tomato, white tuna belly and Figueres onion salad

Baby broad bean and Iberian ham salad with goat's cheese and mint vinaigrette

Roast duck magret salad with caramelised sunflower seeds and orange vinaigrette

Burrata cheese with fresh basil and raf tomato

Mashed potatoes and cabbage with crispy bacon

Catalan Soup


Grilled green asparagus with 'romescada' and parmesan flakes

Grilled seasonal vegetables with romesco sauce

Stir-fried vegetables, shitake mushrooms and kangaroo meat

Coal-grilled vegetable timbale with goat's cheese au gratin

Sautéed chickpeas with fresh spinach and bacon

Bamboo Wok , mushrooms and prawns with oyster sauce

Vegetables tempura with soy sauce


Fried eggs with Iberian jam

Truffle eggs poached with potato and foie gras


Pasta stuffed with pear and pecorino cheese

Porcini mushroom cannelloni with truffle béchamel sauce

Chicken cannelloni

Spaghetti in Bolognese, carbonara or pesto sauce

Lasagna with meat and vegetables


Salt cod salad with raf tomato and Figueres onion

Sautéed cuttlefish

Grilled octopus with sautéed sliced potatoe

Grilled prawns with extra virgin olive oil and Maldon sea salt

Garlic prawns with a touch of chilli

Steamed mussels in a tomato mariniere sauce


Trikini Beer'linAle (Serrano ham, cheese and truffle cream)

Club sandwich with french fries

Meat & Fish


Grilled sirloin steak (300 gm)

Pyrenean sirloin steak with a porcini mushroom sauce

Sirloin steak with fresh foie gras and braised apple

Grilled kangaroo tenderloin with a mustard, curry and mango compote sauce

Roast beef with a craft beer sauce

Roasted duck magret with a chimichurri sauce

1kg beef steak (for 2 people)

Steak tartare with fried quails eggs and parmesan cheese

Grilled butifarra pork sausage

Grilled Chicken

Meat dishes served with oven-baked sliced potato, chips or vegetables.


Grilled tuna steak

Anglerfish and prawn brochette

Tuna tataki with sesame seeds and soy sauce

Bluefin tuna tartare

Smoked salmon tartare timbale with avocado and prawns


Paella mixta

Tenderloin hamburger (200 gm)

With onion confit and brie

With tomato confit, mozzarella and oregano

With raspberry jam and provolone

With Iberian ham and fried egg on sesame seed bread

Beer'LinAle special hamburger on a sesame seed bun


Onion confit

Extra cheese

Fried egg

Dessert & Ice Cream


Cheese platter with quince paste

Fruit salad with orange juice

Greek yoghurt with red berries

Mató fresh cheese flan

Crème Brûlée

Chocolate sinful

Ricotta and pear tarte

Artisan tiramisu

Mango cream with natural yoghurt and almond crocanti

Chocolate coulant with an orange sauce

Homemade cheesecake with a strawberry sauce and whipped cream

Crepe with cream-flavoured ice cream and a hot chocolate sauce

Ice Cream

Ferrero Rocher

"Dulce de leche"

Chocolate and orange

Chopped strawberry

Greek yoghurt with red berries

Vanilla and macadamia nut with hot chocolate

Lemon sorbet

Ice beer

Breakfast options



Chocolat Donut


Pain au chocolat


Assorted homemade muffins

Cold sandwiches

Assorted "Flautas"

Tuna and olives cold sandwich

Iberian ham cold sandwich

Chorizo cold sandwich

Fuet cold sandwich

Cheese cold sandwich

Hot sandwiches

Iberian ham and brie

Pork loin and emmental

Bacon and emmental

Majorca sobrassada sausage and emmental

Sausage and emmental

Omelette of your choice

Veal loin

Hot Breakfasts

Slice of Spanish potato and onion omelette

Spanish potato omelette

Scrambled eggs with ham

Scrambled eggs

Bacon and eggs

Pork loin with potatoes

Butifarra pork sausage with haricot beans

Stewed tripe