Beerlinale. Craft Brewery & Restaurant Barcelona. Carta.
New brewery concept, where the best craft beers on the market pair perfectly with excellent Mediterranean cuisine. In the heart of Barcelona.
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Groups Menu 4

Starters to share

"Coca" bread with tomato

Acorn-fed Iberian ham

Garlic shrimps

Mussels with "marinera" sauce

Andalusian style squid

Baby broad bean salad with ham and goat cheese

Choose a main dish

Bluefin tuna tartare

Tuna tataki with sesame seeds and soy sauce

Bamboo Wok , mushrooms and prawns with oyster sauce

Truffle eggs poached with potato and foie gras

Beef tenderloin with ceps sauce

Baked lamb slap

Choose a dessert

Dessert table and fruit



Craft beer (0,50cl)

Soda (0,35cl)

Wine Reserve (one bottle every 4 people)


(IVA included)