Beerlinale. Craft Brewery & Restaurant Barcelona. Carta.
New brewery concept, where the best craft beers on the market pair perfectly with excellent Mediterranean cuisine. In the heart of Barcelona.
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San Esteban Menu



Poultry cannelloni with truffle bechamel

Christmas soup with "galets" pasta and meatball

Seafood assortment (mussels, cockles, clams and razors)

Broken duck eggs with glues


Cod nose with plum and pine blossom vinegar

Grilled prawns with vegetables and Iberian ham shavings

Beef tenderloin stuffed with grilled mushrooms with bearnesa sauce

Goat ribs with black butter


Pineapple carpaccio with vanilla ice cream

Christmas Trunk

Our chocolate truffles with cream

“turrones” and “neulas”

Coffees and teas


Water, craft beer or soft drinks

Red wine or white wine (one bottle every 4 people)

Glass of cava


(IVA included)